Why is there a charge on my card?

It’s a charge for one of our products.

  • Driver Utilities
  • Radar Sync
  • One Click Root
  • Driver Tool

Who is Secure Web Payments / PCSOFTWARESHOP.COM

We are a software company near San Francisco, CA that makes desktop software to help customers improve their computers through optimization and speed. Secure Web Payments is the secure e-commerce portal we use to process all transactions. It is designed to keep your credit card data safe.

Why did you charge me?

You have received this charge for one of computer utility products: Driver Restore, Driver Whiz, System Optimizer Pro, or SuperFast PC. We also have a few other products that you may have received a charge for including: Driver Utilities , Radar Sync, One Click Root, and Driver Tool

I don’t remember the charge?

If the product names above don’t ring a bell, you may want to ask other people in the house or anyone else that may have access to your credit card. We’ve found that 95% of the time the confusion arises from someone else signing up for the product that lives in the same house.

Can I get a refund?

Most of our products carry a 60 day refund policy. If you have special circumstances, please let us know and we can look into it. Use the form to the right to fill out a request request and we’ll get back to you usually within 1 business day.

I have a different question

You can use the form to the right to ask us any question you would like and we will get back to you as quickly as we can.

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